Everything filters through—I am driven by acknowledging and discovering something extraordinary, something outside of myself.

Beauty is found in the overlap and in the absence

In my studio, I transform the barren into the beautiful, asking, "What purpose does this serve?"

It's much easier to start from a place of abundance and pare down, rather than build up from a place of scarcity. I paint organic brushwork that yields inherently beautiful forms that flow and merge, creating a dynamic sense of dimension and unity. A place where beauty is found in the overlap, and in the absence. 

With anticipation, I pull back the layers and cut through, revealing endless surprises and possibilities. I believe the best opportunities are those we can't envision. My first impulse is to destroy and start again, and again. But true art can't be replicated. So I let it all go and reapproach it with childlike wonder.

As if in a trance, I spend days, months, years, stretching mediums to their limits. Always seeking a better way, one that is just out of reach. Embracing the unknown, I understand that without failure, there can be no growth. 

For me, great art comes from struggle, from understanding the true nature of things, and that beauty is the antidote to darkness.

My Journey

I am artist discovering, creating and envisioning a brighter future through luminous color.

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Archival giclee prints of Colorado by artist Shirley Bales.

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