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The Best is Yet to Come!

I recently felt a calling to share myself, beyond my family and local community, to find a wider audience who connect with me and I with them. I want to share my story and vision and create a personal connection with like-minded people. When COVID emerged, my first reaction was to draw in, to be quiet and listen. But the time to be silent has passed. I have to emerge, to have a voice, and bring beauty and light to the world. This is my journey to becoming a more courageous person, to live out loud—to experience more, be more, discover more, and find my tribe. This is why we recently bought an RV and plan to take "the show on the road." I can't wait until COVID is in the rear view mirror and I look forward to in-person events, art fairs, and more!

The Prairie Collection

Landscapes of the Colorado Prairie by Shirley Bales Fine Art

Shirley Bales, artist

Hi there! I'm Shirley. I am a multi-generational painter. While I was practically born with a paintbrush in hand, I formally studied fine art under an accomplished forensic portrait artist and other notable illustrators in the 1990's. My favorite thing to do is paint outside. I have attended workshops by acclaimed plein air painters, and exclusively painted outside for over 10 years to develop my unique color sensibility. I learned most of my technical knowledge from the Cennini Forum, comprised of forerunners of the Classical Realism Movement. I have participated in multiple group and solo shows winning multiple awards and accolades over the years. My work resides in thousands of private collections nationwide, and I am so grateful. I am now a resident of Colorado Springs, and someday soon I hope to take the show on the road in my new RV and paint Colorado and beyond. Please come along for the ride. Read more about my journey below.

"I have always felt there are layers to life"

For me, one color is not sufficient to express a passage in a painting. Life is nuanced, complicated and surprising. I believe painting should be a reflection of life. Variety in paint, as in life, is a wonderfully rich experience. Ideally layering thick, thin, opaque, dry, fluid, transparent and everything in between—all working together to make a stronger whole, viewed as one from a distance. However, up close they are as individual as we are, as each stroke has its place and is beautiful.

Shirley Bales, artist