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Collect art that has a story, a personal connection to you. The highest art evokes an emotional response that is personal, optimistic, and good. Art that brings you joy, sparks conversation, commemorates an important moment, place or time. Art that communicates without saying a word—transcending culture, language and division. Art that reminds us of the source of it all, and our place in this vast world. Art humbles us with splendor, and reminds us of our shared heritage, culture, and traditions. Art that strengthens bonds and communities.

Artist Direct!

Our new reality has provided an opportunity for artists and collectors to forge deeper personal connections. More people are buying art online than ever and I am so grateful. It’s a rewarding buying experience to communicate directly with the creator of the art that moves you, without intimidation, from the comfort of your home. Buying artist direct often involves increased pricing transparency, variety, and efficiency. When you buy artist direct art, you are supporting a dream. Artists spend years quietly learning, struggling, discovering and finding their unique voice. Familiarize yourself on the artists journey, inspiration, background and achievements. Read about my journey.

High Quality Giclee Prints

My fine art prints are high quality giclee prints, hand finished and guaranteed archival. Printed on premium canvas and paper of the highest quality, finely textured, allowing for outstanding clarity, detail and depth. Our solid real wood frames are hand stained, finished, and delivered ready for hanging. Your new art will be mindfully made and packaged using ecofriendly and recycled materials in our ongoing efforts to support sustainability.

Bring the Outside in

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Shirley Bales, artist

Shirley Bales, is a multi-generational painter. Shirley formally studied fine art under an accomplished forensic portrait artist and other notable illustrators in the 1990's. Shirley also attended workshops by acclaimed plein air painters, and exclusively painted outside for over 10 years to develop her acute color sensibility. Shirley attributes most of her technical knowledge to the Cennini Forum, comprised of forerunners of the Classical Realism Movement. Shirley has participated in multiple group and solo shows winning multiple awards and accolades over the years. Her work resides in hundreds of private collections nationwide. Shirley, now a resident of Colorado Springs, paints Colorado and beyond.

The Prairie Collection

Landscapes of the Colorado Prairie by Shirley Bales Fine Art

In an Instant, Everything Changed

It was a sunny day when we made our way to the annual Plein Air Artists Colorado Paint Out in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. As we pulled up to our campsite after a long drive, tents and gear in tow, we arrived at our campsite to learn our fire pit was surrounded by nearly a foot of water. It was a confusing scenario, as the weather had been perfect on the drive in? In hindsight, it was an ominous nod to events to come. We decided to move our campsite to higher ground. An act that would eventually make us—the last tent standing. The next day, after an exhausting (yet glorious) day battling bugs and sun while painting outside—we settled into camp to prepare dinner in our brand new REI screen house. It was then that I noticed small clouds forming in the distance. I had a passing thought "maybe a storm is brewing?" Then without notice, the wind picked up to 60 miles per hour. We held on to the screen house for dear life as it nearly flew away with us along with it! Then the stinging rain started . . . We were completely exposed to the elements and at nature's mercy. This battle persisted for over half an hour, and at the end of it, we were the last tent standing. Wet and exhausted, that was the day I decided to buy an RV . . .

Testimonials of my Collectors

I absolutely love this print! Shirley was so helpful with questions I had as well. Bought it and two others for a set of three and I’m in love!
I sent this to my Mom for Christmas, and the seller was wonderful about sending a sweet note with the pic. Incredibly beautiful artwork!
I love this print so so much of Garden of the Gods, it’s always been one of my favorite places in Colorado and since moving away I’ve missed it. The print, while not actually painted I believe, is very high quality - honestly it’s difficult to tell it’s not the actual watercolor which is the effect I wanted.
So amazing! The artwork is gorgeous and the item packaging was perfect. It. shipped super quick and really can’t say enough nice things about this purchase. Thank you!

Coming Soon!
Solid Real Wood Frames

A Shirley Bales Fine Art Exclusive! Available in custom sizes and colors, milled, mitered, and hand finished by Shirley Bales Fine Art. Join the wait list to receive updates.

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