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My Painting Process

Using primarily 19th century mediums and materials from esteemed boutique color makersI have spent over 20 years developing my unique oil painting process. Blending past knowledge with present day innovation, my work is a blend of classical methodology, impressionist palette and color theory, integrated into a modern day sensibility in both objective and non-objective forms. I primarily paint subjects that "resonate with me, connect me to my past, what is, and what could be."

While I am primarily an oil painter. I am fluent in multi-media and use the materials that speak to me and best express the subject matter and emotion I hope to convey. I often make my own paint & mediums to achieve a particular effect. My methods are unique to me, and are the culmination of many years of classical training and experience.

I paint with an expanded impressionist palette using both transparent and opaque color to achieve lovely transparent washes juxtaposed with thick juicy impasto paint using the “mother color” conceptwhere everything has a little of every thing else mixed in to maintain color harmony. Inspired by John Singer Sargent, my favorite thing to do delicate washes over thick paint alla primaa technique that took me years to master.

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Shirley Bales, artist

Hi there! I'm Shirley. While I was practically born with a paintbrush in hand, I formally studied fine art under an accomplished forensic portrait artist and other notable illustrators in the 1990's. My favorite thing to do is paint outside. I  paint in mixed media and oil and love color! My work resides in thousands of private collections nationwide, and I am so grateful.