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Today I have a BIG confession!

Today, I have a BIG confession!

Hackett Gulch

Part of my creation process is off roading. I LOVE getting off the beaten path to capture the PERFECT reference photos for my art. Early on in the process of creating the Eleven Mile Canyon Collection, I broke my leg and dislocated my ankle off roading on Hackett Gulch Trail.

Yes, I BROKE it!  😲

BUT, I was on a mission and I couldn't let this leg stop me???

Discover the 11 Mile Canyon Collection

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I spent months conceiving this collection, writing, drawing and gathering inspiration. I absolutely HAD to learn to work around my leg and continue the work! This hardship, made this journey so much sweeter, so personal, heartfelt and thoughtful.

I can't wait to share it with you!!!

In creating this collection, I felt a calling to do the work despite the obstacles before me. I am so proud to bring this work into the world.

But now it's time to let it go, and bring light to their forever homes. I am so proud of what I am able to accomplish when defeat is not an option!

The Eleven Mile Canyon Collection will be available October 28th at 12 noon Mountain Standard Time. Join my email list for first access. Originals are one of a kind so mark your calendar!

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