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Nature is Healing
Do you want to know a little secret???
Part of my painting process is to deep dive into the history of a place. This practice often humbles me, and helps me gain a renewed perspective on my life. Plus it’s SUPER interesting!
I invite you to pause and meditate on the enduring quality of the Canyon in a transitory world. I hope to acknowledge where we have been, and make peace with the past and move forward with renewed optimism.
In nature you can find traces of human interaction over time within the landscape. Eleven Mile Canyon, and the South Platte river that runs through it, was created by a manmade dam in the 1930's, to provide precious water to Denver. Several towns were submerged to watery depths in the process, in what is now Eleven Mile Reservoir. The people who resided there have long moved on. The river, unleashed from the dam above, washes down the canyon, revealing huge boulders that line the canyon floor. The dam is held up by the walls of the canyon, reminding me that we are stronger together.
Do you know a little history about Eleven Mile Canyon that you think I should know about?
Contact me here I would LOVE to hear it!
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