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My Materials - 19th Century Mediums & Boutique Paint

Hey there art lover! Are you curious about some of the materials I used to create the Eleven Mile Collection?


Using primarily 19th century mediums and materials from esteemed boutique color makersI have spent over 20 years developing my unique oil painting process. Blending past knowledge with present day innovation, my work is a blend of classical methodology, impressionist palette and color theory, integrated into a modern day sensibility.
I paint with an expanded impressionist palette using both transparent and opaque color to achieve lovely transparent washes juxtaposed with thick juicy impasto paint using the “mother color” conceptwhere everything has a little of everything else mixed in to maintain color harmony. This past year, I have found the space to explore new mediums, methods, and materials. I have always painted with wax, but never fully explored it's full range until recently. This discovery was a revelation for me, allowing for luscious paint that allows my vision to flow beautifully on the canvas.
My hope for you is to let the things that surround you be meaningful—a daily reminder of where you have been, are now, and WILL be. I can't wait for you to experience the collection for yourself!
Discover the 11 Mile Canyon Collection click here
The Eleven Mile Canyon Collection will be available October 28th at 12 noon Mountain Standard Time. Join my email list for first access. Originals are one of a kind so mark your calendar!

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