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History of Eleven Mile Canyon

Today I am excited to share with you . . .  a sneak peak of my new Eleven Mile Canyon Collection!

Eleven Mile Canyon Collection

Please join me in celebrating the wonder that surrounds us. Let it wash over you—renewing your spirit and awakening you—as you move forward after a period of rest, to a more sustainable pace, and a renewed desire for connection.

Eleven Mile Canyon is a popular place for birders, rock climbers, fly fishermen, hikers and campers. Originally, the canyon was occupied by the UTE Indians as early as 1000 AD.

Later, the canyon became popular with Colorado Springs affluent, for wildflower and nature excursions via The Midland Railroada railroad that once provided access to Aspen, Leadville and other mining towns.

Do you know a little history about Eleven Mile Canyon that you think I should know about?

Contact me here I would LOVE to hear it!

The Eleven Mile Canyon Collection will be available October 28th at 12 noon Mountain Standard Time. Join my email waitlist for first access. Originals are one of a kind so mark your calendar!

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