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Don't get caught with a pineapple in Colorado!

I am on a mission to change the way we consume art and I'm not going to let a little thing like a broken leg stop me!

You deserve to live with art that is emotional and personal to YOU. Art that indicates your interests, depth and taste.  It should move you and be as unique as you are. Choose quality over quantity. Consider—if it's better to buy several meaningless mass reproductions that don't have a story or connection to you, or rather, invest in impressive heirloom quality originals that have depth and personal meaning. When you buy from local artists or galleries, you are supporting the creation of more art while enriching local economies.

So go ahead, treat yourself. You deserve it!

Authentic homes and authentic people are seldom the perfect depiction of the latest trends. Instead they are filled with art and treasures that have been collected over time that tell the stories, travels, hopes and dreams of the collector. A thoughtful approach to creating a space results in a home that feels genuine, authentic and welcoming. Let your home evolve with you and let the art you collect reflect YOUR values.

The Eleven Mile Canyon Collection will be available October 28th at 12 noon Mountain Standard Time. Join my email list for first access. Originals are one of a kind so mark your calendar!

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