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Eleven Mile Canyon Collection

I love nature. It's the place where I find balance, peace, solace, and renewal. Inspired by the seasons, the sound of the flowing water, I carry with me visions of wildflowers and the longing for freedom to roam and explore.

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Eleven Mile Canyon Collection

While I am hard at work today on my new Eleven Mile Canyon Collection, I thought I would take the time to share a little bit about me.


Growing up I was influenced by impressionist art. My Grandfather was a western artist, and had been a student of James Colt and renowned impressionist Sergei Bongart, who studied in the tradition of the Russian masters including Nicolai Fechin. Surrounded by art, I never questioned that one day I too would become an artist, as the path seemed natural to me. It's taken many years to hone my skill and discover my voice with lots of lumps and bumps along the way. 😯


You keep me going friends. I am so excited when you respond to me. Every message from you in my inbox is so, so exciting! Seriously! I just wanted to take this moment to shout a HUGE thanks, and to encourage you to reply to me with ideas on what content you’re loving and what you want to see more of! I can’t WAIT to hear back! 😀


Join the waitlist for first access to The Eleven Mile Canyon Collection available October 28th at 12 noon MST. Link in Bio! Originals are one of a kind so mark your calendar! 🔔

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Eleven Mile Canyon

Coming soon! A new collection of original art by Shirley Bales Fine Art

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Shirley Bales, artist

Shirley Bales, is a multi-generational painter. Shirley formally studied fine art under an accomplished forensic portrait artist and other notable illustrators in the 1990's. Shirley also attended workshops by acclaimed plein air painters, and exclusively painted outside for over 15 years to develop her acute color sensibility. Shirley attributes most of her technical knowledge to the Cennini Forum, comprised of forerunners of the Classical Realism Movement. Shirley has participated in multiple group and solo shows winning multiple awards and accolades over the years. Her work resides in hundreds of private collections nationwide. Shirley, now a resident of Colorado Springs, paints Colorado and beyond.

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