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There is beauty in the struggle—in what lies underneath, what's covered up and what's exposed. We all take shape this way. The things we live with shape our lives, and what we choose to keep, becomes who we are.


What does your art say about you? Art is a conversation that begins with the artist and continues in the places and spaces you live in.

 "There are moments in our lives, there are moments in a day, when we seem to see beyond the usual, become clairvoyant, we reach then into reality, such are the moments of our greatest happiness, such are the moments of our greatest wisdom."              

Robert Henri

Collect art that reflects your originality and aesthetic. Art that invigorates your space and speaks for you without saying a word. This past year I have found space to explore new mediums and materials. I discovered an ancient wax paint that thins with water but does not contain solvents. This waterborne pigment and wax paint makes encaustic painting versatile. This discovery was a revelation for me, making it possible for my vision to flow on the canvas.

For me, variety in paint, as in life, is a wonderfully rich experience. Ideally layering thick, thin, opaque, dry, fluid, transparent and everything in between, all working together to make a stronger whole—each stroke has its place, and is beautiful.

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Shirley Bales, artist

Hi there! I'm Shirley. While I was practically born with a paintbrush in hand, I formally studied fine art under an accomplished forensic portrait artist and other notable illustrators in the 1990's. My favorite thing to do is paint outside. I  paint in mixed media and oil and love color! My work resides in thousands of private collections nationwide, and I am so grateful.